When Australian goods are purchased online there is 10% “Goods and Services Tax” levied on most products. Some exemptions include:

·       Exports
·       Some Medical Aids
·       Most basic food

There are more exemptions but it is best to check with the website if in doubt.

Most online Websites in Australia include 10% GST in their costings but when your destination (overseas) is keyed into the checkout the price is reduced by 10% as being exempt goods.

When goods arrive at their destination there may be a tax applied by that Country.

This is a few of the countries: China 3.39%, Japan 2.45%, European Union, 1.69, UK 1.69 and the US 1.59.

The respective import duty does not apply to countries with which free trade agreements have been concluded.

Wikipedia.org has a list of countries by “tariff rate”. All data is from the World Bank.

How much online shopping do you do?