Recipes for Some Classic Australian Favorite Dishes

If you like cooking then you always like to try something new. This section contains traditional Australian as well as some of my favourites such as rich dark fruit cake, which will have people lining up for a taste or a whole cake.

The list contains all the curds/butter you could make. Why would you purchase peanut butter at the supermarket with all that salt and oil when you can make it yourself in a jiffy to your own taste? Lemon, passionfruit, pineapple, banana, orange, and grapefruit butter are all here and anything else you can think up yourself.

How about a real adult expresso brownie? If you are healthy and able to eat these, then they are the best. If you are celiac, then substitute the flour with almond meal. Then there is flourless orange (for celiacs as well), Italian and apple, and coconut. These are both the café-style exocytic that you love to have when you go for a coffee.