About Us

Aussie Products is a site that will continue to grow and will be the one stop shop for products from Australia.

The shop was designed to give people choice.  Instead of spending hours searching for products and then not finding anything.  Perhaps you were not sure what you wanted in the first place.  The website showcases a range of quality products from Australian Suppliers and is a work in progress.  The store is already populated with a large range from which to choose but will expand over time.

Australia is well known for export but mainly in mining, wine, grain or seafood.  Australian aboriginal art is popular but have a look at the products that are made from original Aboriginal paintings by well-known Aboriginal artists.  These include scarves, hats, ties and quilting products.  The man from Snowy River would have worn a Bush hat and there are ten styles to choose from including a Squashable Bush hat.  Australian animals are not seen anywhere else and we have reproductions and gift cards of various birds, possums etc.  Australian wool is the most prized and you can choose from boots, slippers, jackets, vests and floor rugs.  There are also medical rugs etc. for sale.  Neem has many uses, not only for skincare and health but also for cleansing our pets and for agriculture too. Look through the website and I am sure you will find something that will catch your eye.

Keep checking the site for the arrival of new products or register and we will notify you.