Not only is water being removed from our underground reserves by the many water trucks but also the Adani coal mine will take at least 270 billion litres of groundwater over its lifetime. The water left behind will pollute our rivers and streams. There are 160 wetlands that provide water, but Adani could pollute these and kill our wildlife. The legacy left behind will be 6 unfilled coal pits which will drain millions of litres of groundwater FOREVER.

Adani has been provided with a licence which allows unlimited access to groundwater for 60 years for FREE and does not cap a limit on the amount taken. The catch is that the Queensland Government has removed the rights of the community to object to the grant of water licences to Adani.

The water in the Artesian Basin was formed over 200 million years ago. If these springs are polluted, then the farmers and communities will have nothing during the times of drought. The mining companies who are fracking to extract the gas from the earth also use great quantities of water.

Australian’s motto is to let anyone have a “fair go” but there is nothing “fair” about the mining companies.