What is Dreamtime? For the Australian Aboriginal people this is the time when their Ancestors’ Spirits walked over the land to create geographic formations and sites.

Dreaming is the relationship between people and all things. These are the legends of the Spirit Ancestors which are recounted through stories, art, ceremony and song. It explains the structure of family life, and their obligation to people, land and spirits. The ancestral spirits formed relationships between Aboriginal people, the land and everything living. They created the animals, plants, rocks, rivers, mountains etc.

Indigenous Australian Art uses symbols to tell stories. The symbols vary from region to region and form an important part of the Australian Aboriginal Art. Strict protocols are associated with the use of some Indigenous symbols. Some may be used only by men and some only by women while others are not to be seen outside the community.    

Aboriginal art on canvas and board only began 50 years ago. Traditionally, these paintings were scratched or drawn on rock walls, used in body paint, for ceremonial articles and drawn in sand or dirt accompanied by a song and story.

Today you can wear Aboriginal art.  Original Artwork from some of the most famous aboriginal artists is printed on cotton. The prints are then made into Hats, Caps, Cushion Covers, Scarves, Ties and Quilting. These articles show off the painting and the colours make a fashion statement. 

The silk scarves can be thrown over the shoulder and hung down the front to exhibit the design and colours. Instead of hanging an Indigenous painting on the wall cushions can be arranged on couches which will give the lounge room, office or bedroom a talking point for anyone visiting and a great deal of panache.

Would you like to wear this piece of art on your body?