Pub with No Town!

You have heard about the Pub with No Beer………..well what about The Pub with No Town!

Toompine is the Pub with No Town.  The pub was built in 1893 after the old pub burnt down.  The township has long gone – about 100 years ago.  At the height of its glory Toompine, about 80 km south of Quilpie in Western Queensland, boasted two hotels, a watch maker, post office, blacksmith, jail and 130 Opal miners.

The town shut down when the Opal miners left at the end of the 19th century.  Now just three people remain the pub owner, a Swiss backpacker and the Hotel Manager known as “Jonesy”.

Tourists populate the pub as well as the shearers from the nearby stations.  Jonsey has 150 animals to look after and in her spare time shoots clay pigeons at the Club.

Jonsey leaves in March 2015 as the Pub has been sold.

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