D’LIME – Desert Lime & Super Mild Chilli Spice Ground Coffee Infusion 125 gm bag

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D’Lime is a creative combination of natural Australian Native Bush Tucker Dessert Lime and a touch of super mild Chilli spice which combines all the complimentary flavours.

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D’Lime is a rich coffee infusion including the small Dessert Lime and a touch of super mild Chilli Spice.  Australian Dessert limes is a small fruit and grow to the size of grapes delivering an intense, zesty flavour. Boasting three times the amount of Vitamin C than oranges, desert lime is also a very rich source of calcium, folate, Vitamin E and lutein. It also has a high potassium to sodium ratio, which may help to reduce blood pressure.

While smaller in size and more intense in flavour, desert lime is an extremely versatile fruit, used in any product or process where regular limes or lemons are used. It flowers mainly in spring and fruits ripen in early summer when it is harvested by hand. The trees have adapted to the desert climate, with desert limes flower-to-fruiting time the shortest of any citrus species in the world, taking only 10 to 12 weeks.

Desert limes were eaten whole by Aboriginal Australians and have been used for generations to make cordials, sauces, garnishes marmalades, pickles and chutneys and even straight from the trees as a thirst quencher. Desert Limes are regarded as a “Natural Super Food” and part of the Australian Native Bush Tukka, range.  Both limes and chillies are packed with natural vitamin C. The Desert Lime has an intense zesty flavour. When combined with a touch of mild chilli spice, together with bold coffee beans, creating a unique flavour infusion, something magical happens.  The coffee beans are sourced from a highland region of Central America, for their rich rounded flavours, high caffeine, balanced acidity, background nutty flavours with natural sweetness. Brilliant as an accompaniment with full-Flavoured foods or tart desserts.

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