Organic Cotton Scarf – Kingfisher Camp by River by Nambooka

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Authentic Australian Aboriginal Art
100% Organic Cotton
Size: 150 cm x 30 cm
Weight: 100gm
Ideal product to gift on special occasions
Wear and Tear Resistant

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150 cm x 30 cm


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Artist Bio

Dreamtime: Kingfisher bird is the laughing Kookaburra of Australia, which lives in dry and fishless scrubland. It is sometimes called “laughing jackass” because of its loud raucous cackle. The Australian Kookaburra is the largest member of the family. The bird is known for its wild laughing call and the noisy inhabitant of the outback, open forest and the woodland. Kookaburra is not a fish eater, it usually prefers to eat large insects, nestling birds, rodents, etc. Young chicks of kookaburras stay with their parents for several years, before setting out to breed themselves. According to Nambooka, the kingfisher teaches us about alertness and opportunity. We must first look and then decide if it is the right choice for us to benefit our lives. Nambooka’s design work is bold, colorful and attractive.


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