Uluru with Bearded Dragon

//Uluru with Bearded Dragon

Uluru with Bearded Dragon


See-through Print Clear PVC and Clear Acrylic.

Framed in Merbau Hardwood.

Display this print somewhere there is natural sunlight, and it will be filtered through the print and reflect on the nearby surface the same as stained glass.

SmallL 17 cm x H 12 cm x D 4 cm
MediumL 25 cm x H 17 cm x D 4 cm
LargeL 31 cm x H 25 cm x D 4 cm
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Uluru with Bearded Dragon

The “bearded dragon” has a beard under the throat which turns black if they are in danger or see a potential rival.  These animals are adept climbers often spending time on branches or in bushes and love to be near human habitation.  Like all reptiles they like to heat their bodies by lying on rocks or branches in the sun.  They are found in Australian deserts, scrublands and Eucalyptus woodlands.
The Central Bearded dragon is often kept as a pet as they are incredibly smart and good natured.


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Size - Windows

Large – L 31 cm x H 25 cm x D 4 cm, Medium – L 25 cm x H 17 cm x D 4 cm, Small – L 17 cm x H 12 cm x D 4 cm


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