Silk Scarf – Spinifex by Marie Elena Ellis

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Authentic Australian Aboriginal Design
100% Satin Silk
Size: 150 cm x 42 cm (71 in x 16.5 in)

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The textile articles sold by Aussie Products as being of Australian Aboriginal origin began life as paintings. These are then transposed onto a range of fabrics, some of which are sold as yardage, some as quilting pre-cuts, while others are transformed into headgear, home-wares and scarves and ties.

The designs are all attributed to the original artists, and they benefit from the sale of articles made from fabrics bearing their designs.


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Weight 0.40 kg
Dimensions 23 × 15 × 2 cm
Artist Bio

Marie Elena Ellis is an Arrente and Warlpiri woman from Central Australia. Her homeland is Amoonguna Community approximately 20 minutes from Alice Springs. Marie Elena is the daughter of Michael Nelson Jakamarra a well-known Papunya artist. As a child Marie lived in Katherine with her family however she relocated to Amoonguna with her sister Roseanne as an adult.


Marie's childhood was strongly influenced by traditional family values of Arrente culture and kinship law. Her parents and grandparents played an active role in teaching her Dreaming stories and the values of her people including the language and the land. Her art is largely based on these philosophies.
Her father, aunties and other senior women from Santa Teresa Community taught her painting techniques and you can see the influence of the Keringke art style in her paintings.


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