Lemon Myrtle


The leaves of this Australian native have an amazing lemon fragrance, stronger than lemongrass but without the acid of lemon juice.

The leaves can be used fresh, but are also available dried and powdered. The dried form holds the flavour well and simply needs to be stored in a cool, dry manner. This is the most popular of the Native Herbal Teas with the tantalising flavour and aroma of Flavoured Lemon Myrtle Tea. Slightly tart but very refreshing helps with clarity of thought and also makes a great iced tea. Lemon Myrtle Aroma & Flavour: Australian Flavoured Lemon Myrtle Tea is highly aromatic, having an exquisite flavour and aroma described as a blend of lemongrass, lime and lemon.

Lemon Myrtle Tea is a refreshing herbal tea product with a superlative flavour profile. Flavoured Lemon Myrtle Tea creates a superb tea blend when blended with Green Tea, Black Tea, and various herbal tea products.

  • 20 tea bags
  • Minimum purchase – Any three packets of tea
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Certified organic tea, blended with lemon myrtle.

If you like your tea lemony fresh, you’ll love this one!

  • 20 tea bags.
  • Minimum purchase – Any three packets of tea

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