Kangaroo in the Outback

//Kangaroo in the Outback

Kangaroo in the Outback


See-through Print on clear PVC and Clear Acrylic.

Framed in Merbau Hardwood.

See these prints come alive when placed in the light. The natural sunlight then filters through the print and reflects much the same as does stained glass.


SmallL 17 cm x H 12 cm x D 4 cm
MediumL 25 cm x H 17 cm x D 4 cm
LargeL 31 cm x H 25 cm x D 4 cm


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Kangaroo in the Outback

A kangaroo is an Australian marsupial. It belongs to the genus Macropus. The name Kangaroo is used for the four large species, but there are another 50 species of smaller macropods. It is common in Australia and can also be found in New Guinea.

Kangaroos hop to move around quickly and walk on four legs while moving slowly. They can’t jump backwards, not even very small distance.[1] They can hop or jump as far as about three times their own height. They can also swim if necessary. The kangaroo is a herbivore, eating mainly grass, but some species also eat shrubs. A female Kangaroo has three vaginas.[2]

Kangaroos are marsupials because they carry their young in a special pouch on their bodies. Baby kangaroos are called joeys. Kangaroos live in large groups, called mobs[3] Each group is made up of breeding females, their young and several adult males. One of the males is the dominant male, he is the only one that breeds with the other females in the mob.[3]

Because it is mostly found in Australia, Australians see it as a national symbol. The kangaroo is featured holding the Australian coat of arms. The Australian airline, Qantas, uses the kangaroo as its emblem. The Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) also a has a kangaroo emblem.

Kangaroos can be dangerous because of their powerful legs. They can lean back on their tails to deliver powerful kicks. In 2009, a man went to save his dog which had chased a kangaroo into a farm dam. The kangaroo was able to hold the dog underwater nearly drowning it. The kangaroo gave the man several big kicks before he was able to grab his dog and escape from the dam. He needed hospital treatment for his injuries.[4]

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Large – L 31 cm x H 25 cm x D 4 cm, Medium – L 25 cm x H 17 cm x D 4 cm, Small – L 17 cm x H 12 cm x D 4 cm


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