Facial Scrub/Body Lotion/Moisturiser

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Made in Australia

Three products make up this pack.

Gentle Face Scrub with Beads

125 ml (4.25 fl. oz.’s)

Gentle Neem Face Scrub contains tiny, tiny beads to remove dead cells & dry skin. The cleanser is creamy so that the beads will roll and gently remove dry skin. Fresh Aloe Vera Juice Blended with Almond Oil & Vitamin E leaves the skin clean & soft. Replenishes and rejuvenates your face

Facial Moisturiser – unperfumed

250 ml (8.5 fl. oz.’s)

Even the most delicate of skins will appreciate our unperfumed Botanical Neem Facial Moisturiser.  It is light & creamy in texture and suits all skin types including those with Acne. It calms irritated skin, and absorbs quickly, without clogging the pores or leaving the skin greasy.

Gentle Body Lotion with Dewberry

250 ml  (8.5 fl.  oz.’s)

Smooth & Creamy Dewberry adds a wonderful fragrance to this smooth Neem Rich Body Lotion with Aloe Vera, which moisturises your skin. Macadamia Oil replenishes and together with Neem and Almond Oil helps protects your skin from the harsh elements that damage it.

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Our body lotion can be used for dry and itchy skin as well as for those with Psoriasis.

Suits all skin types from the delicate to the tough he-man skin.

NO Animal Testing

NO Animal Products used

NO Petro-chemicals

Only Natural Herbal Derivatives used

Australian Macadamia Oil, Botanical Neem, Almond Oil, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E are used in these gentle and deeply penetrating and soothing creams and lotions which are all Made in Australia

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Weight 0.75 kg
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 10 cm
About Product

Neem Rich Fully Organic Products

For centuries millions of people in India have used neem as a beauty aid and it is regarded as an anti-aging agent. They have cleaned their teeth with neem twigs, smeared skin disorders with neem based oils, drank neem tea and placed neem leaves in their beds, books, grain bins, cupboards and closets. Neem in Ayurveda has been referred to as the Village Pharmacy.

Neem has many uses, not only for skincare and health but also for cleansing our pets and for agriculture too.


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