Earl Grey


Apparently Captain Picard of Star Trek fame will not drink anything else! Although many people consider Earl Grey as a type of tea, any black tea with bergamot flavour added is, in fact, Earl Grey. Some manufacturers will even use their lower quality black tea to make Early Grey in the belief that the robust flavour of bergamot will mask the poor taste of the tea.

Mostly taken black with maybe a slice of lemon added, Earl Grey is nevertheless one of the most popular of all the flavoured teas in the world.

  • 20 tea bags
  • Minimum purchase – Any three packets of tea

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If you like Earl Grey, you’ll agree that our tea is one of the best.

The tea has been blended with certified organic black tea with bergamot. The smoky and fragrant taste of Earl Grey is a unique experience that many people can not get enough. Described as a spicy citrus flavour, Earl Grey is a hard to describe the taste that is unforgettable once tasted.

20 tea bags

Minimum purchase – Any three packets of tea

  • Unbleached Tea Bags
  • 100% Cotton String
  • Recycled cardboard boxes
  • Without Staples, artificial flavours, additives or colouring

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