The Culture of Australia.  Australia is a young country and although we can go back to the Aborigines who have roamed our land for 70,000 years much of our history begins when Australia was discovered in 1788.

Melbourne Cup or Gympie Cup


Melbourne Cup or Gympie Cup Have you heard of the Gympie Cup – sure to outperform the horses

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Melbourne Cup


Melbourne Cup The one day of the year that stops a Nation. This event takes place on the first

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Pub with no Town


Pub with No Town! You have heard about the Pub with No Beer………..well what about The Pub with No

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Royal Flying Doctor Service


Royal Flying Doctor Service A Free Service to all Travellers and people living in outback Australia. John Flynn

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Birdsville Races – 129 Year Old Tradition


 Birdsville Races - 129-year old Tradition Birdsville was located on the border of South Australia and Queensland to collect

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School of the Air and Remote Learning


School of the Air and Remote Learning Australia has a large number of remote communities which makes it impossible

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Western Australia


Western Australia The Diggers’ Spirit Lives on –  "Hay from WA" From one side of the country in Esperance,

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Dunnies The name "Dunny" is the Australian slang for a toilet. The “outhouse” is also used to describe this structure

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